Woodfired Landscapes, 2012 Gothenburg Sweden
Woodfired Landscapes; 2012/ Nääs, Sweden
José-Antonio Sarmiento demonstrating; 2012/ HDK Gothenburg
Woodfired Landscapes 2012. Demonstrating
HDK Gothenburg 2012
Woodfired Landscapes 2012
HDK July 2012/ José-Antonio Sarmiento and Keith Ekstam (USA)
Work of Helena Andersson
Woodfired Landscapes; 2012/Satoru Hoshino (Japan); HDK Gothenburg.
Woodfired landscapes 2012/ Nääs Sweden
Firing the Anagama at Nääs. Woodfired Landscapes 2012
Woodfired Landscapes;2012 / Helena Andersson; Nääs Sweden
Detail/2012 / José-Antonio Sarmiento
Detail/2012 / José-Antonio Sarmiento.
José-Antonio glazing his monumental plates in earthenware. Woodfired Landscapes 2012, Nääs Sweden.
Loading the Fast fire kiln at Nääs. Helena Andersson. Wood fired Landscapes 2012.
Woodfired landscapes 2012 / José-Antonio Sarmiento.
Helena Andersson loading the kiln. Nääs 2012 during the Woodfired Landscapes.
Woodfired Landscapes; 2012 / José-Antonio Sarmiento, Nääs Sweden.
Anagama-Noborigama; 2008. León,Spain.
Anagama-Noborigama; 2008/San Cibrián de Ardón, León, Spain.
Hikidashi; José-Antonio Sarmiento, 2008 /CEARCAL, Valladolid, Spain.
Workshop; J.A.S. 2008 / CEARCAL; Spain.
J.A.S. 2008 / CEARCAL; Spain.
Hikidashi; J.A.S / CEARCAL; Spain.
Hikidashi, 2008 / CEARCAL; Spain.
2008 / Sweden.
Nordic Network Ceramic Studio Exchange, 2008. Students from HDK at Nääs.
José-Antonio Sarmiento demonstrating
A monumental plate, Nääs 2008
2008/ Helena Andersson, José-Antonio Sarmiento, Takehiro Ito (Japan), Nääs Sweden
Nordic Network in Ceramics, 2008 / The group of Artists, Nääs Sweden.
2008/ J.A.S. Gothenburg, Sweden.
Nordic Woodfired Marathon,2007 / Horne in Denmark.
Nordic Woodfired Marathon; 2007. Horne in Denmark.
José- Antonio painting his work with oxides.
2007/ J.A.S. Denmark
J.A.S. 2007 / Denmark
Nordic Woodfired Marathon, 2007 / J.A.S Horne, Denmark.
Helena, José-Antonio, Anne-Mette, Ann-Charlotte, Janne, Markus / Horne
Gendo Ceramic, 2007 / José-Antonio Sarmiento, Horne, Denmark.
2007 / J.A.S.Denmark
Nordic Woodfired Marathon/ J.A.S. demonstrating.
Workshop, J.A.S. / Denmark.
Hikidashi, 2005 / Workshop, J.A.S. León, Spain.
Hikidashi, 2000/ Workshop, J.A.S. León, Spain.
Workshop, J.A.S. 1999/ León, Spain.
Workshop, J.A.S 1998/ León, Spain.