José-Antonio Sarmiento (1956-2022): In Memoriam

We regret to tell you that our beloved José-Antonio passed away on March 25 in Göteborg, at home and accompanied by his wife Helena and sister María Jesús, after a period of illness.

He passed in peace and will be remembered through his art. His works are eternal and offer solace in this difficult time.

Helena Andersson and María Jesús Sarmiento


Something happens in Nature
when a human being dies 

The trees
that saw us when we were born
grow quiet and tighten in their verdure

They commemorate us in their annual rings
The grass
that bent under our feet 
victoriously in its silence

When a human being dies
she moves into
the trees and the grass

That’s why it always wizzes with life
when the wind rustles through the trees
and causes the grass to whisper

Peter Curman

English translation: Carl Fredrik Gildea